Week 4 Power Rankings


Week 3 is done in the OHA and just two weeks remain in the season, does your team have what it takes to make the cut?

Power Surge: One Bite

Power Outage: Armymen

The Power Grid:

One Bite

The Curse

Stiffest Sticks

Evil Empire


Holy Doodles

Butter Bangers

Bunch of Jerks

Forfeit Kings

Toxic Hockey


Bleacher Bums

The Playoff Picture:

A breakdown of those who are most likely to see the postseason and those who are most likely to see the putting green.

Going for Gold:

One Bite, Stiffest Sticks, The Curse

One Bite and The Curse are the most talented offensive teams up here and Sticks aren’t too far behind. The only safe bets to make the playoffs, these teams have the best chance of winning the cup at seasons end and the chance at a 3-peat for the defending champs remains a strong possibility.

Trending Up:

Evil Empire, Holy Doodles, Bandits

While these teams aren’t a lock for the postseason, they should all but seal their spot in the next week or two. All three teams are solid but of the group Bandits has the most experience in this position, Empire and Holy are sure to offer stiff competition as the playoff picture continues to take shape.

Trending Down:

Butter Bangers and Forfeit Kings

The two teams that have disappointed thus far into the season as week four quickly approaches. The case can be made that both teams will likely sneak into a playoff spot but neither are convincing as real threats (and yes I am aware that I’m part of management for one of the teams 🙃). All told these are the middling teams of the OHA, not bad but also not serious contenders, that could change but until it does this is where they stand.

Going for Broke:

Bunch of Jerks, Toxic Hockey, Bleacher Bums

Now a dose of reality, these are the pretenders. None of the teams above have a real shot of competing in playoffs and would be lucky to finish the season above (or at) 500. All of the rosters are unimpressive and aside from a few surprise wins by Toxic, this is where these teams belong. It would be unfair to call a team outright bad but these teams certainly don’t inspire confidence.

A League of Their Own:

Now presenting, the Armymen. There are literally no redeeming qualities to this team, they have changed rosters about three times and will likely need another three to even hit a win streak. This isn’t a public lambasting, this is a wake-up call.

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