Week 2 Power Rankings


3 Stars

3rd: Tiarmach

Nope, not joking. Tiarmach racked up a whopping 80 hits in his first 5 games and closed out the week near the 100 mark. At current pace he will shatter last year’s high water mark set by Geno and Grizz Tied-1st) by the end of week 3. Tiarmach’s place as 3rd star is well deserved and he could find himself here more often if he keeps current form.

2nd: Manship l91l

The top forward in the OHA is Manny in a walk and he finds himself as 2nd star in week 1. Manny recorded 25 points in his first 7 games and carried the load up front for The Curse, who started off the season slow. Look for Manny to be here all season long and at the top of the scoring race.

1st: SumMarbles

Marbles finds himself at first star of the week based not on eye-popping stats but rather quantity of shots. Now of course there is some teammate bias here but Marbs played two of the tougher teams and held them in check, not only making timely quality saves but kicking aside 75 of 90 which places him near the top of shots faced. The goalie leaderboards are already tightly contested but Marbles earned his spot this week.

Honorable Mentions:

Adots02 ; FireHaloManiac ; CHEWDATGRIZZ09

Power Rankings:

This week saw the introduction of two new teams in Toxic Hockey and Holy Doodles, both of whom for continuity sake will have a retroactive rating of 12/11 respectively. Now with that out of the way let’s take a look at the power rankings

Biggest riser: Evil Empire

Biggest faller: One Bite

‘Power Surge’: Holy Doodles

Skaters to watch: Mike x Scott / TSkipper73

Goalie to watch: Adots02 / Kinglundy315

ROTY watch: thekingsmacky / Elite l1l

12. Armymen

Previous: SAME

The Armymen looked more like boys out there in week one. A tough schedule is no excuse for a lack of motivation, hopefully Jim Bender and Moose can get this team sorted, otherwise a long season lies ahead.

Reason to believe: It’s week one, anything can happen. The Blues won the cup so hey, there’s always that?

11. Bleacher Bums

Previous: 7

The Bums had a better chance at success from the bleachers than they did icing a team week one. All joking aside this is another team who is going to have to exceed expectations to even have a crack at winning a round, but stranger things have happened.

Reason to believe: Bill Crosby I87.

10. Butter Bangers

Previous: 8

Not a terrible week from a newcomer to have as Butter showed some promise on their roster. It will be a difficult journey without any known difference makers but a rag tag group of grinders might be just what it takes to win this season.

Reason to believe: While they don’t have anyone that stands out the team itself is actually well rounded, management seems to have a good grip on team makeup and they appear a star player away from a real run.

9. Easton Fection

Previous: SAME

This team is as mid-range as they come. On paper they lack a true difference maker and goaltending looks like a real problem, but the early signs could be false alarms. A cup run isn’t out of the question but isn’t high percentage either.

Reason to believe: Another team that could cobble together a decent run if they play their game all season, an upset isn’t impossible.

8. Toxic Hockey

Previous: N/A (12)

While the roster is unimpressive they actually have some real players here. As blue collar a team as they come Toxic might be a team to watch out for to surprise.

Reason to believe: They’re not in last place and have around 1/4 of their wins from last season. Stay tuned.

7. Bandits

Previous: 5

This is a really good team on paper and a low-key dark horse as well. The Bandits fall to seven due to the strength of competition ahead of them but they could absolutely break top 4 by next week.

Reason to believe: There are plenty, a great forward core and a good defense crop could land them a higher position sometime soon.

6. One Bite

Previous: 2

It’s only week one so the panic button is firmly unplugged but a rough start out of the gate for a team that screams arrogance. Perhaps the frontmen for this squad were better off back on The Curse after all.

Reason to believe: They have a ton of talent and likely will finish top 3. Arrogance can be good if used correctly, One Bite understand that well.

5. Holy Doodles

Previous: N/A (11)

A real A+ start to the season for this team, well done. They don’t have a real big name scorer but the goaltending has all the makings of a contender, especially Fleurlyious who, despite an average start, should be near the top of the goalie standings.

Reason to believe: A lot. This team has already outperformed expectations. The management staff has player personnel on lock.

4. The Curse

Previous: 1

Now keeping in mind these are weekly rankings and not cumulative, The Curse had a sub-par week. However, they still played really well and deserve a better spot. Simply put, look for this team at #1 next week.

Reason to believe: They are back to back champs. Next question.

3. Evil Empire

Previous: 6

The Empire did a fantastic job of starting strong and have a really strong roster as well. There are no real weak spots on the team but goaltending here is stellar. The darkest of horses to win it all, The Empire could just surprise everyone.

Reason to believe: The goaltending, simply put.

2. Forfeit Kings

Previous: 4

Unlike the 3 stars there is no bias here, the Kings are legit. They have a potent offense and 3 great goalies in Chel, Marbles, and Dots. There is a lot to like about this team.

Reason to believe: Another team that could succeed on goaltending alone if needed, FK should be a top 3 competitor all season long.

  1. Stiffest Sticks

Previous: 2

Sticks held an unbeaten run through 4 days and look even better than last season. A true contender in the purest form, Sticks will be near the top all year.

Reason to believe: Sticks are the only team whose Offense can rival that of The Curse. While they probably don’t prefer to play shootout games they can certainly do it night in and night out.

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