Season 9 Finals

The snow in the air and the sound of GPAs dropping means only one thing…it’s finals szn!


*Edit: The editor has been informed that the finals being referred to are of the hockey variety. Enjoy the final power rankings of the season!



Stiffest Sticks:

OTW: TSkipper

Money quote:

“Oh yeah, Die Hard is 100% a Christmas movie.”



When the season began most would have guessed that Sticks were going to be the top team or at least in the mix (minus Flintstone of course) and to date have lived up to those expectations. They’ve produced two leaders in the scoring race with Grizz and Skip, all the while having an excellent supporting cast. A final with more meaning than just the hockey, the two owners (Fire and Homie) were once a tandem  but are now adversaries once again, if oddsmakers are correct the former will come out on top.


Verdict: Plan the parade




No Talent:

OTW: BMasker

Money quote:

“A hot dog is a sandwich. Next question.”



The reigning champions. The team to beat. So far, NT have mostly lived up to those expectations, however their greatest challenge is ahead in the form of Sticks. What they lack defensively they make up for in the offensive zone and are often tough to stop, prediction for the series is over/under 40 goals combined…take the over. Ultimately, this is a series that can go either way but the general sense is that as mentioned Sticks will come out on top…NTs fate is their own to decide.


Verdict: If you ain’t first you’re last

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