Season 9 Champions

The Finals are over and Natural Talent are still the team to beat in the OHA…congrats to Natural Talent on the back-to-back championships!

Series: NT 4 – 2 Sticks

Biggest acquisition: ThistleandWeeds

Community MVP(s): Big Wet May / Karlsson o 65

Money quote: “Die Hard is as much of a Xmas movie as Creed is a Christian band”

Only two people share the distinction of being called the “2-time”…Dr. Disrespect and Homiezoned (and the rest of No Talent but for the sake of the joke play along). After a series of regular season forfeitures that left them third in the standings, they played to their standards in playoffs and came out on top of a strong Sticks team. The nucleus of their team is their strong offense lead by MdHorton88 and Manny but goaltending also took a leap forward this season as did their defense (which we have hammered all season long here in the media team).

The leaders in the playoffs were not management nor present for the last cup but Homie gave props to Big Wet May and Karlsson for their big games. Homie quoted as saying “Big Wet May was a super solid goalie for us in the playoffs when we were lacking of one, he made a ton of crucial saves and all around is a good, talkative, and helpful person to have on the ice and Karlsson is an alien, one of the most calm and composed defenseman I’ve ever played with and he made being his partner super easy. Very talkative and has a great zone entry. Can also clamp!”

Manny and Homie run their team like a last minute research paper, right up to the last minute and half-baked but somehow gets the job done every time. Although Fire and Chew are still the best owner duo in the league by far, Homie and Manny have a special synergy together and have quietly turned into a hell of a duo. Never ones to shy away from chirping, they back it up on the ice and are two of the better players in the league and two of the nicer guys in the league (I know shocking right?) as well.

Congrats to No Talent or should I say The Curse on the great season! Thanks to Tiarmach for another great season as well as Nunes, Basewater, Thistle, and of course Fire for running a good show. Season 10 begins January 12th, 2020! From all of us behind the scenes we’ll see you in the new decade for OHA!

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