Season 8, Week 3 Power Rankings

It’s Week 3 of the OHA regular season and the race for playoffs is on, all 8 teams qualify for playoffs, but how they seed will decide it all. The All-Star game is fast approaching and so are the final 2 weeks of play, let’s see how teams stack up as we enter the homestretch.


#8. Toxic Hockey:

Owner- Nunes25

One To Watch- J Pizzle 33 (Goalie)

(Last 10 games 1-7-1)

Vegas Odds- 1:8


Toxic Hockey came into the season as the surefire long-shot to win it all. This team on paper isn’t as bad as their record shows, as they’ve been amongst the rest of the league in goal scoring, however they haven’t been able to keep the puck out of their own end and that’s been their downfall. If Toxic Hockey is going to go far and have a Cinderella story, they’re going to need a hero, J Pizzle 33 has played well given the circumstances and has registered a respectable .723 SV% in 14 games, if they can tighten up in front of him, Toxic may just have a chance to at least make some noise. The emphasis on *IF*…


#7. Flint Tropics:

Owner- NoHandz88

One To Watch- FE4R THE BEARD 

(Last 10 games 3-7-0)

Vegas Odds- 1:5


Flint is run by one of the certifiable nice guys of the league in NoHandz88, this team was a late addition but has been respectable ever since as their record does not indicate their potential. Flint’s biggest issue has been keeping the puck out of the net but that has been less of a problem of late, combine that with FE4R THE BEARD hitting anything that moves in the stadium into the nosebleed seats and Flint is poised to have a late-season resurgence. Everyone knows playoff hockey is different, it’s tougher and rough, I can think of no one better suited for playoff hockey than a man with a Joe Thornton beard and a penchant for thunderous checks. Keep your head up around Flint…


#6. Spryfield Spartans:

Owner- PattyDeke 

One To Watch- PattyDeke

(Last 10 games 2-8-0)

Vegas Odds- 1:4


Spryfield is the most interesting team near the bottom, they have a bonafide player in Nubs and PattyDeke who has lead by example when it comes to scoring, their problem? Consistency. Spryfield has a team that can play well when the team is firing on all cylinders, however they seem to play uninspired and uninterested at times, leading to their spot near the bottom. This is a team that spends a lot of time in the chat box talking a big game, which they are fully capable of backing up on the ice especially come playoff time, the only question is will they…


#5. Red Deer Bandits:



(Last 10 games 8-2-0)

Vegas Odds- 1:2


Red Deer is another late addition to the league but they’ve done just fine and currently sit at an even .500 rounding out the top 5 teams. The Bandits don’t blow the doors off when it comes to scoring and at times have relied on the goaltending of the mercurial and talented STEENROLLER to bail them out. STEEN is the cog in this machine and if they hope to make a deep run, the big mean STEEN machine is going to lead the charge. This team is built from the backend up, and if they can put it together offensively, they might just be the underdog to watch out for…


#4. Motor City Machines:

Owner- ThistleAndWeeds

One To Watch- BCRenton

(Last 10 games 3-6-1)

Vegas Odds- 1:1


Motor City was once the top team and the team to beat, but recent struggles have seen them fall from their perch, make no mistake however, this is a good team. Motor City boasts one of the better 1-on-1 defenders in this league in BCRenton and he’s been the difference maker for them on the blue line, registering respectable numbers at both ends of the ice. This team will surely see a late-season rise and will be one of the tougher teams to play against come playoff time, they’ve had no problems scoring their way out of trouble before, and that will be the difference when the games matter most…


#3. Stiffest Sticks:

Owner- FireHaloManiac


(Last 10 games 9-1-0)

Vegas Odds- 3:1


Stiffest Sticks, a team that has been around since the dawn of time and has seen a name change in the form of the famed Stiffer Sticks, are one of the top teams in the league. SS are lead by a great offense as well as an in-your-face Defense, rounded out by some solid goaltending. Stiffest Sticks is the only team on this list that gets it done by-committee, and while they may lack the true star power of the next team on our list, they have the most evenly balanced roster in the league. There are no real question marks here, although it can be said Grizz is the clear on-ice leader here, he plays a solid 2-way game and manages to show up in the big moments. Stiffest Sticks will go as far as their leadership takes them, and you won’t find a better leader than Fire on this list. There is certainly an argument to be made that they should be ranked higher than #3 especially given their last 10 games, but if they can continue their winning ways, I’ll have no choice but to move them up the rankings. This team has proven they can do it during the regular season, but in the past have struggled under the bright lights of playoffs, the question for this team is which version of Stiffest Sticks will show up in the postseason…


#2. The Bomb Squad:

Owner- Nightmare xX

One To Watch- Lehkonen x 62

(Last 10 games 7-3-0)

Vegas Odds- 5:1


The Bomb Squad has one of the most talented rosters in the league and boasts one of the most dynamic offenses as well rounded out by Costa from the backend, as well as Lehkonen and Volcom up front, both of whom are household names. This team is built to score, make no mistake, and although they’ve had to forfeit several games recently, which has lead to their unrealistic slide in the standings, they remain one of the top 2 teams in the league and represent (as previously mentioned) one of the only two differences between the Power Rankings and the actual standings. If this team can stay on the ice then they will likely make it all the way to the finals and have as good a shot as any to win it all. The only question is, will they be present to hoist the cup if they do win…


#1. Natural Talent:

Owner- Homiezoned

One To Watch- MDHorton 

(Last 10 games 7-3-0)

Vegas Odds- 10:1


Natural Talent has been amongst the top teams since the start and to be sure there is no writer bias here, Natural Talent is the team to beat. NT is lead by Horty who has averaged an absurd 10 S/G (shots pee game) and is amongst not only the top scorers but also the best in the league. This team has rattled off easy wins for the better part of the season and has found a way to be an all-everything team, having multiple leaders in every stat category. The only real question mark for this team is effort, which has at times been an asterisk, especially against lower-ranked teams in the form of sometimes reckless play, but what else would you expect from a team that coined the term ‘Danking People’ for sending players into the stands. Though NT takes a somewhat lax approach to the games, this is a team who come playoff time could very well lift the cup, that is if they aren’t at the other end of the ice crouch blocking with the goalie…


*These power rankings will be updated weekly. 

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