Round 1 Power Rankings

Once again it is everyone’s favorite time of year, playoffs! After an up and down season that saw many teams filter in and out only the top 6 remain, how does your team stack up against the competition?

Stiffest Sticks

(L10: 9-1-0) 39-7-4 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Jim Halpert

Vegas Odds: Chalk

They’ve been at the top all season long led by one of the best management teams in OHA history. Seriously, if there was a Hall or Fame (wink wink Tiarmach) then Chew and Fire would be first-ballot, that tradition of success continued this season. They are the strongest team this season and anything besides a championship is a complete failure.


No Talent

(L10: 9-1-0) 33-15-1 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Robert California

Vegas Odds: 1:4

Much like last season, what you see is what you get with No Talent. Once again guided by Arka with Manny riding shotgun, NT is a favorite to repeat. After a mid-season roster split the defending champs continued to roll along, albeit with one too many forfeits along the way. This season NT seems to have a focus unlike last season, perhaps a sign of what they lost or what they gained. This is not a team that will win defensive battles all game or have elite goaltending (unless Masker actually tries) but they can score at will, much like Sticks it would be a disappointment to not see NT enter next season looking for a threepeat.


HC Dynamo

(L10: 6-2-2) 34-11-4 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Dwight Schrute

Vegas Odds: 1:1

Dynamo boasts not only one of the best players in the league with 0VI but also the best defensive forward in the league with Bill Crosby, simply put they should have a good chance at the cup. This team falls to three only due to some unfortunate midseason shenanigans but fully expect them to take a run at #1 or #2.


Grace Under Pressure

(L10: 5-5-0) 21-29-0 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Toby Flenderson

Vegas Odds: 4:1

As the second half of the NT split Grace has underwhelmed to this point. Objectively without media bias, Grace is where we expected to be which is safely in the top 4 (albeit the rankings on the site list Grace fifth due to OTL by fourth place). The goaltending of Adots and defense of Heiskanen has kept the team afloat and will likely be the difference in the post season.



Toxic Hockey

(L10: 0-8-2) 8-37-5 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Michael Scott

Vegas Odds: 8:1

No this is not a joke or a misprint, Toxic is not the underdog anymore. Tiarmach (Michael Scott) has actually assembled a roster that has beaten some top teams, a win is a win. Nunes has proven himself to be a competent owner and although success is unlikely, make no mistake…Toxic Hockey finally has a chance to win, at least a round that is.



Vicious Cycle

(L10: 2-8-0) 21-28-1 OVR

As a character from “The Office”: Kevin Malone

Vegas Odds: 9:1

After starting a public feud with a commissioner and benching a goalie that they desperately needed to play, VC have fallen hard and their only saving grace is their overtime loss, otherwise they’d be fifth overall. In playoffs you cannot write any team off and they certainly have a few players like Blaine and even their owner who can show up in the big time, but the depth is sorely lacking and the only bigger upset than Toxic winning a round would be VC winning a game. Sorry not sorry

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