Power Rankings Week 5


After week four in the OHA, standings are completely different from how they were projected in week one. Some teams like The Curse and One Bite are up where they belong while others like Bleacher Bums and Bunch of Jerks have fallen on hard times. Only 10 games remain for most teams before the start of playoffs, will your squad make it?

Power Surge: Forfeit Kings

Power Outage: Bunch of Jerks

Sparking Up: Bleacher Bums

The Power Grid:

One Bite (Same)

Stiffest Sticks (+1)

The Curse (-1)

Bandits (+1)

Evil Empire (-1)

Holy Doodles (Same)

Forfeit Kings (+2)

Butter Bangers (-1)

Toxic Hockey (+1)

Bleacher Bums (+2)

Bunch of Jerks (-4)

Armymen (Same)

This week we polled two polar opposite teams (Mike x Scott 1BT & Jxmbo97 ARM) to take a glance at how teams view one another:


Bottom Tier Teams:

Armymen, Bleacher Bums, and Toxic

Top Tier Teams:

One Bite, The Curse, Stiffest Sticks, and Evil Empire

Jxmbo prefaced his rankings by acknowledging that he had not personally played every team and therefore could not rank them fairly, however his picks seem pretty in line with the media team’s rankings and the actual table.

Mike x Scott-

“1.One Bite

8. That team Celtic Renegade runs

32. Curse

79. Stiffest sticks

80. Jxmbo97

194. Toxic Team

Dont care what#. everyone else

Infinity#. That ***** moose”

Only Mike could say it quite so well. Much like Jxmbo’s, these rankings were made mostly using the standings (and maybe an abacus?) but even more so, they were made using Mike’s own words…

The final week of OHA begins tonight and the standings are a logjam from 1-8, will you be hitting the ice for playoffs or hitting the golf course?

**All throughout playoffs we will be featuring guest contributors from around the league, big thanks to Mike and Jxmbo for taking the time to help out and have some fun with the media team.”

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