Season 8 in the Updated Online Hockey Association

Season 8 in the Updated Online Hockey Association

We have some exciting news about our upcoming season in the Updated Online Hockey Association, with a planned start day between April 14th & April 21st!

The OHA staff will be taking over stat-entry duties, to allow more people to run teams who may not have time to enter stats. This will allow you to focus on your team & playing solid hockey.

Teams will be OHA Originals, meaning every team in the OHA will be a custom team, and will remain part of the OHA forever. This will allow every member the opportunity to make their mark in the league by contributing ideas and helping shape the OHA into a true community league. We are going to start Season 8 with 20 unbranded teams, and over the course of the season we will customize them with names, mascots, team colors and a logo.

An example can be seen here: Angry Monkeys Official Team Logo - Online Hockey Association - The OHA - 512px

Our end of season awards are also going to be undergoing a major overhaul – we will be adding more awards for more stat categories, as well as renaming most of them in keeping with the completely custom OHA rebrand initiative.

Another big addition to the league are OHA Pucks©, which can be earned throughout the season by interacting with the community on the website, using your unique affiliate link when getting someone to sign up, and at the end of the season attached to each of our awards. These OHA Pucks© will have a variety of uses, including the option to trade them in for CASH when you reach certain milestones. A detailed outline will be released on OHA Pucks© soon.

Game times MAY change to enable us to include more players in the OHA. More info will be released on this soon. As of right now, game times remain the same.

If anyone is interested in becoming more involved with the Online Hockey Association, we encourage you to please apply to become an OHA Commissioner in the forums, and join our team.

Click Here to Apply

What do you think of the updates? Comment below – remember, OHA Pucks© can be earned in a variety of ways, including commenting on news & updates!