Introducing the OHA Pick Up League

The OHA will be re-introducing our Pick-Up League (formerly Drop-In League) to keep players interacting within the community prior to the Late Night league opening night, and any off-time during season play.

This will also help generate career stats for your player cards.

How does it work? In order to keep track of stats around the Pick-Up league, we will have a designated league set up in our system to track stats separately from Late Night league games.

Which games count? Any 6vs6 game with at least 8 OHA members in it. All you have to do is send stat pics at the end of the games to the league (we will create a channel for this), and we can update them.

Please keep in mind, OHA members are those who have their player cards, and who have registered for the website.

Register here:

Get your player card here:

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