A Winning Recipe

To be the last one standing at the podium, it takes the right mix. Every team needs some goaltending, a strong defense, a powerful offense, and a little bit of heart. Natural Talent had all that, and for that reason, they are the OHA Champions, and the recipe is as follows…


The Goalies-


Spetsnaz pitched an incredible game 7 in round 2 and followed that up with a strong series that culminated in a 6-2 win in the final game to ultimately clinch the cup. Meanwhile, Bo Horvat was the backbone in net for much of the regular season and continued a great run of form with a shutout in the finals. Natural Talent would not have been here without the goaltending and they’re the reason more than anyone that the cup is coming home.


The Defense- 


One of the stingiest defenses OHA had this season, that physical tight-checking continued into playoffs and played a big part in securing the cup in 5 games. While not the highest scoring defense corps, they provided utility from the point and were rarely out of position and that’s all you can ask for, except maybe the Tiarmach award.


The Offense-


There’s no offense as good as what we witnessed this season in Natural Talent. The O on NT boasted both scoring prowess and defensive responsibility, neither of which went missing in playoffs and often became the bane of opponents existence. On a team called Natural Talent, you’d expect some scoring, but even their opponents were stunned when the NT forwards got going. 


Tale of the Tape: 


Motor City put up a fight but in the end the winner was clear, Natural Talent couldn’t be beat. There were close games but nothing was more telling than the 6-2 cup clinching game, that is the tale of the tape for this series…


“We are the Champions”


Thank you to Tiarmach and the OHA for a great season, it’s been cool getting to do these media posts every week and get an in-depth look at every team, especially when I get to write about my team hoisting the cup. To Flint, Red Deer, and Motor City, a great series to all of you and especially Motor City, it may not have been quite the battle of attrition we had hoped for but it was still a great series, Thistle, Chel, and Asstr0nical are all class, cheers boys! To my team, we’re champions, it was a great season and I’m glad I decided to tolerate all of you. Congrats especially to Jim who wins yet another cup, you earned it you Danny Devito loving clown. To the rest of the team who weren’t named personally, there’s a lot of you and I really don’t feel like typing all that, but it was a magical run and you all were a big part of it. Lastly, to Homie, it’s all good baby, just trust the process. 


A word from the editor…


Cheers on a great season, the pre-season tournament begins soon, make sure to sign up on the OHA website or by clicking this link http://esporthub.net/oha/! I look forward to another season on NHL20 and maybe another championship, the Media team will be on hiatus until the end of the Tournament when we return for a recap and a pre-season Primer. Congrats to Natural Talent! 

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