Online Hockey Association | The OHA is Part of the eSport HUB | 6 versus 6 League for Xbox ONE | Established 2013

Season 8 Starts April 28th - Owners Accepted Until April 26th

Due to Easter Weekend, we're pushing the season start 1 week.

Make sure you get registered and apply for your own team today for OHA Season 8!

Once you have your player card you're automatically signed up for Season 8 as a player!

Game times are 10 & 11pm EST Sunday to Thursday!

*Remember, OHA will enter your stats this season, we just need your pics!

Season 8 Standings

1High Stick Hoodlums0000000
1MC Bulldogs0000000
1Moose Knuckles0000000
1Stiffest Sticks0000000
1Team 130000000
1Team 140000000
1Team 150000000
1Team 160000000
1Team 170000000
1Team 180000000
1Team 190000000
1Team 20000000
1Team 200000000
1Team 30000000
1Team 40000000
1Team 50000000
1Team 60000000
1Team 70000000
1Team 80000000
1Team 90000000

Leading Scorers

Top Goalies

Heavy Hitters

Least Disciplined