Welcome to eHockey, part of the eSport HUB Network

The Online Hockey Association is now known as eHockey, part of the eSport HUB Network.

The reason? We wanted to have a central HUB for all of your competitive gaming needs, and ours. All previous stats have been retained from the original OHA site, so your eHockey career can start where it left off!

The eSport HUB Network requires just 1 account, and you instantly become a member of the network. This enables you to sign up for eHockey, tournament sites and even other gaming leagues within the network.

Visit eSportHUB.net to learn more (although, we’re in the building process). If you’re just here for the puck, visit eSportHUB.net/hockey

We’re looking for people to join the eSport HUB Network team. If interested, please just send Tiarmach a message.

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