Congratulations to OHA Unforgivable!

OHA Unforgivable, led by Martin ScoresEZ has taken the OHA Championship for season 4! Check the Awards page in the season HUB in the near future for a complete list of the championship roster, as well as individual award recipients (although, there should be another news post for that too).

Also, we changed our mind. The OHA should always be the OHA so we’re cancelling this eHockey nonsense, although you will still only need the one account for everything we add in the future to the eSportHUB Network.

The eSport HUB Network requires just 1 account, and you instantly become a member of the network. This enables you to sign up for the OHA, tournament sites and even other gaming leagues within the network.

We’re looking for people to join the eSport HUB Network team. If interested, please just send Tiarmach a message.

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