3HA Rulebook

Every member is here to have fun and play competitive hockey.

The 3s Hockey Association has a few general rules & guidelines to maintain this atmosphere.

  1. We do not tolerate rage quitting.
  2. We do not tolerate trolling.
  3. Treat your teammates like teammates, and your opponents with respect. If you alienate a member of your team or the opposing team, and constantly bring them down, you will be ejected from the league.

Common sense is not your enemy. Remember this.


  1. Home team will host games.
  2. There will be a 10 minute wait time for both teams to show up.
  3. Once the 10 minute wait is up the game should be started and the team with the missing player(s) will have until the countdown is up to replace the missing player(s), or the game will be a forfeit.

Teams are encouraged to reschedule games rather than take a forfeit. We are here to play.


  1. Ragging the puck is never allowed.
  2. Board play may only be used below the goal lines. If you board play anywhere else on the ice, turn the puck over and skate back into your own zone


  1. If a skater lags out finish the period, take pictures, and start a new game. The score will remain the same for both teams at the end of the lagout period (computer goals do count). For example, defense lags out in the second period. At the end of the period take pics. If the score was home 3 & away 2, the score will be home 3 & away 2 at the beginning of the restart. You would play the first period as the third.
  2. If a goalie lags out, restart at the next whistle. Take pics, and the score remains the same, just like with the skater lag out.
  3. If a goal is scored on either the computer goalie or human goalie which results in the whistle, the goal will count.
  4. Resume play from the time the goalie lagged out. For example if the goalie lagged out at 11:23 left in the third period, upon restart teams would stand still on the ice until the time reached ~11:30 
  5. If a goalie lags out in the first 5 minutes of the game and no goals are scored by either team restart the entire game.
  6. When the game is restarted the team which lagged out loses the faceoff, and takes a penalty by flipping the puck over the boards.
  7. Players who lag out of a game are only allowed to lag out twice. Once they have lagged out twice, they must be replaced by another player from your roster. You will have five 5 minutes to do so.
  8. If the position has not been filled by then it will result in a forfeit.

Only full games can be rescheduled, not 1 or 2 periods of an unfinished game.


Owner Responsibilities
  1. Be knowledgeable of the current rules, and any updated rules. Make sure your team is also aware of the rules.
  2. The Winning Team will take stat pictures of both teams after each game. There should be no reason that you don’t have stat pictures.
  3. Maintain a 4-12 man roster, and submit your complete roster to a commissioner. Rosters must be submitted/resubmitted any time changes are made. This includes position changes, trades, or free agent signings.
  4. Every player on your roster MUST play a minimum of 2 games per week. Any that do not may be considered inactive and removed from the current season / be ineligible for playoffs.
  5. Free agents can be signed to round out your roster if somebody retires or is dropped. The free agent must agree to be on your team, and picture proof must be provided to a commissioner on Discord.
  6. Assigning lines for each game.
  7. Games can be rescheduled as long as it is agreed upon by both teams.

The rescheduled game must not interfere with any other scheduled games, and be completed by the end of the week it was meant to be played.


The Following May Render You Ineligible for Prizes
  1. Forfeiting any scheduled games during the regular season.
  2. Failing to provide the league with the correct stat pictures every game.

Due to us being a free league and offering prizes from our personal funds, we believe this rule to be fair.


Tips for Better Team Management
  1. Create your availability thread Thursday night, and have your team post their availability for the week as soon as they can.
  2. Create lineups for the week if your team posts availability in time.
  3. Try to build your team based on needs. A good example is to have 2 centers, 2 goalies, 3 wingers and 3 defensemen. This way you’ll have less of a chance of people playing out of position.
  4. At game time, try to have 2 backups ready in the event you need somebody to fill in. Don't wait until a game should already be in progress to find a replacement.

Rules subject to change without notice. Deal with it.